Reivention Radio Show Mai Vu, Reinvention Radio Show HostessThe Reinvention Radio Show, presented by Mai Vu, inspires listeners with fun and irreverent 20-minute snippets about reinvention.

Every week a guest Reinventor will tell the story of their reinvention. Or we'll serve the wisdom straight-up with Reinvention 101. You'll love them both!

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How Do I Know When It’s Time to Leave my Job?

How Do I Know It Is Time to Leave My Job?

I had a fabulous time interviewing Scott Johnson of Toad Hollow Photography today. We were capturing an important question in a Reinventor’s journey: “When is it time to leave my job for my dream?”

By day, Scott is a brilliant IT/software engineer, successful and very much relied upon at work. But at heart, Scott is a fine art photographer. He’s pouring all his talents and efforts into Toad Hollow Photography and it’s taking off. In a major way.

Now the question is – when is it time to leap and make his dream a full-time gig? How does he know? What are the signs? Because leaping too late is just as dangerous as leaping too soon, as you’ll hear in this interview.

The Reinvention Show: Creating Life after Divorce

Reivention Radio Show

Mai talks with Deb Smouse about her reinvention process and how she’s created life after divorce.

Reinvention Story: Blindsided

Reivention Radio Show

Sometimes we choose reinvention, other times reinvention chooses us. Last year Chris Padgett was diagnosed with a rare eye disease that is slowly taking away his eyesight. He’s taking this crisis as an invitation to reinvent himself.

Reinvention 101: Mistake #2 – Putting a Band-Aid on a Broken Bone

Reivention Radio Show

Reinvention 101: Mistake #2 – “Putting a Band-Aid on a Broken Bone”. What does this mean exactly? It means responding to a major life crisis with a shallow fix. Like ditching your marriage for a better one, instead of having the courage to face your own pattern once and for all.

How a horse named Romeo helped me reinvent myself

Romeo & Michele

At the height of her career as a marketing exec, Michele realized she’d lost her way. Despite everyone’s advice and a lot of fear, she quit. Listen to her amazing story of finding herself again in a “soul mates” relationship. But for Michele, Romeo isn’t who you’d think…

Reinvention 101: Mistake #1 – Refusing To Ask For Help

Reivention Radio Show

Why do we refuse to ask for help? What does refusing to ask for help look like? How would a person know he/she needs help? In this episode we teach the antidote to your old habit of refusing to ask for help. And we show you how to ask for the help you need. Listen [...]

Reinvention 101: Top 10 Mistakes Reinventors Make

Reivention Radio Show

Making another New Years Resolution that you know is going to fail? Are you reinventing yourself? Or wanting to? Want to know what to avoid so that you don’t fail in your reinvention efforts? This show is about the top ten mistakes that Reinventors tend to make. Reinvention 101 is a series of best practices [...]

The Reinvention Show: Strength, Growth & Positivity

Reivention Radio Show

“Strength Growth and Positivity” is the battle cry for Lizzy McNaney, whose life was interrupted at 18 because of her breast cancer. Since receiving her diagnose in August 2012, she has had a double mastectomy and is now finishing up her chemo treatment, and moving on with her new life. I am so curious to [...]

The Reinvention Show: Success is a Mental Behavior

Reivention Radio Show

I have a special friend visiting from Bali, Isaac Zikri.  I met him three years ago while on a tour of Bali.  He was my tour leader.  In this short time Isaac had completely reinvented his life, changing from being single and floundering in business to being married, and becoming a major connector and business [...]

The Reinvention Show: Reinventing my Faith

Apparition Hill,

 As I look at reinventing my life and my work, looking for what is deeper, truer and simpler for myself, the subject FAITH came up.  What is my connection to the world, to spirit, to GOD, to mankind, and ultimately to myself?  As I reflect on my faith and spirituality, I realize that EVERYTHING that [...]